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Britons improve in broadband usage

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

According to a Survey conducted by UK Office of National Statistics, 15,23 million people had gone for Internet access in May 2007. This figure represents about  61% of the UK households. The survey indicate a 7% increase since the study conducted in 2006. A map of worldwide precipitation can show us areas prone to essay writers with droughts and floods? This is mainly due to the competition  created in the Internet sector by the  regulatory measures of the UK government. The British Telecom has given an opportunity to smaller Internet Service Providers by separating their  wholesale and retail markets. It is also to be brought out that the  broadband Internet access has also gone up by 40%  in 2007 as compared to 2006 figures. Now almost 8 in10 households go for broadband Internet access. Based on the analysis of  eMarketer senior analyst Ben Macklin the broadband penetration would touch 76. 8% by 2011, from the present condition of 47. 1% during 2007. He also observed that the country was
Lagging badly behind many of the international counterparts in terms of broadband penetration. UK  has now become the leading user of broadband and has one of the most  competitive broadband markets in the world. The competitions have helped the  UK consumers  to select a favourable  broadband service in terms of  price, service provider and technology.

Broadband Internet Usage -A Survey

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

According to a statistics the Internet user population has gone up by 7% since last year(2006) in the United Kingdom . About 15.23 million households, more than 60% of the total population, in the country  have internet connection at present. Usage of broadband has gone up from 40% to 51% since 2006.

The highest  broadband usage has been found in London and south-west England (69%)while the lowest is in Northern Ireland, north-east England and Yorkshire in northern England (52%).

A survey has been carried out on the usage of broadband internet  by the British house holds on a random sample of about 1,800 adults, aged 16 and above. The survey indicates that men use the internet more than women in the usage ratio of 71:62.

Similarly the  younger generation is more attracted to the Internet as compared to the elders.  About 90 % of the people in the age group of 16 to 24  were found using the Internet  while the estimation was only 24% in the age group 65- plus.

The people generally use the Internet  for finding information about goods and services and also for sending Email messages. The Internet is also used for availing of services related to travel and accommodation.

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